Prologue to Passaic Textile Strike (1926). Produced by Albert Wagenknecht (and others.) Directed by Sam Russak (and others.) Written by Margaret Larkin.  Photographed by Sam Brody, Lester Balog (a co-founder of the Film and Photo League) and William Schwartfeller. This enacted drama was a prologue to footage of the Passaic textile strike of 1926. It was meant as a realistic portrayal of the conditions of working class life and as background for the strike documentary. The film was performed entirely by textile union members and financed by International Workers Aid.  (From  18 mins., 5 secs. Silent.

Passaic Textile Strike Reel 5 Stills (1926). Series of stills extracted from the recently rediscovered reel 5 of the full documentary. The reel focuses on the children of the strikers. A complete copy of the film is in the Tamiment Library at NYU.  3 mins., 49 secs. Modern musical score. 

National Hunger March (1931). Photographed by Sam Brody, Robert Del Duca, William Kruck, Leo Seltzer and others. Edited by Lester Balog, Robert Del Duca and Leo Seltzer. Produced by The Workers Film and Photo League. National Hunger March (11 min.) shows the National Unemployment Council Hunger March of Nov. and Dec. 1931, which set out from disparate parts of the U.S. to represent twelve million unemployed at a rally in Washington D.C.  (From 11 mins., 48 secs.  Silent.

Dziga Vertov's classic Chelovek s Kinoapparatom (Man With a Movie Camera) (1929) Vertov's pioneering work contributed to the development of the cinematic montage and the documentary film. It was a primary inspiration for the films of the Worker's Film and Photo League.

Of These Our People (1946). Written, photographed and edited by Sam Brody. Produced by Vicki Masson. This short film highlights the problem of anti-semitism in post World War II American.  19 mins., 55 secs.