Interviews and More


Tom Brandon, Film & Photo League member and pioneering film distributor behind The Museum of Modern Art Film Study Center’’s Thomas Brandon Collection conducted this filmed interview in Venice, California in the late 1970’s.   This video was taped directly from the screen of Brandon’s editing table hence, while the audio quality is good, the video quality is less so and for the first minute and seventeen secs. the screen is dark. 24 mins., 39 secs.   

Sam Brody/David Platt Interview by Judy Pomer. (1987-Old Saybrook, CT.) 35 mins., 31 secs.

Sam Brody Interview by Judy Pomer. (1987-Old Saybrook, CT.) with off screen interjections by David Platt. 20 mins., 39 secs.


Samuel Brody Interview: The Camera as a Weapon in the Class Struggle by Tony Safford. (1977) This interview appeared in Jump Cut, a Review of Contemporary Media, issue 14.